Hey everyone!

ASME will be having a bowling outing next Tuesday, November 20th, at 7PM. Feel free to stop by for some fun and get to know other ASME members. Everyone is more than welcome to bring any friends to this event. If you are interested in coming please email Ahtziri (aleon21@uic.edu) for more info on the event.
Here are the rates for bowling and playing pool at SCE:
Bowling per game (I believe you only have to pay for shoe rental once)
    UIC students – $4.00
    shoe rental – $3.00
    party (group of 12) – $12 per person for 2 hours of play, shoes not included
Pool per hour
    UIC students – $6.50
Tuesday Bowling after 8PM Special ( 2 hours of play time, shoes included)
    UIC students – $8
Disclaimer: This is not an ASME sponsored event therefore you are responsible for any expenses you may incur during the event. 
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