8th General Body Meeting – Featuring Design Engine

Design Engine will be coming to our 8th ASME general body meeting on Wednesday, November 29th at 5PM. The meeting will take place in room ERF 1047. Design Engine provides training courses on various CAD software. For more information please visit their website: http://design-engine.com/.

This will be the last general body meeting of this semester. With that said, remember that our membership requirements include attending at least four general body meetings and one volunteering events each semester. Alternatively, you can also buy one t-shirt for $10.00 and attend three general body meetings per semester.

GBM #8 Flyer-1

7th General Body Meeting – Featuring the UIC Career Center

The UIC Career Center will be visiting for our 7th general body meeting todayNovember 8th at 5PM. During this meeting, the Career Center will be giving advice on writing resumes, performing well in jobs interviews, and giving good elevator speeches. The meeting will be in room ERF1043 and there will be PIZZA provided on a first come first serve basis.

GBM #7 Flyer-1

6th General Body Meeting – Featuring Hydraforce

Hydraforce will be visiting for our 6th general body meeting today at 5PM. Hydraforce specializes in producing high-quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. For more information, please visit their website: http://hydraforce.com/. The meeting will be in room ERF1043 and there will be PIZZA provided on a first come first serve basis.
GBM #6 Flyer-1

5th General Body Meeting – Featuring Baxter

For our 5th General Body Meeting, we will be having a company visit from Baxter. The meeting will be held in room ERF1043 on Wednesday, September 11th at 5PM.

Baxter specializes in the design and production of medical equipment so this is a good opportunity to learn more about what they do and ask questions.

Also, there will be PIZZA provided on a first come first serve basis so come early!


4th General Body Meeting – Featuring Dwyer

Hey everyone, We will be having our second company visit this Wednesday, September 27th, at 5:00 PM in room ERF 1043.

Dwyer, manufacturer of controls and instrumentation products for HVAC (heating/cooling systems), will be presenting what they do as a company and their values. Come for some valuable networking opportunities and any questions you might for them. There will also be pizza provided on a first come first serve basis, see you there!

GBM #4 Flyer 2

3rd General Body Meeting – Competitions

Come join us at our third GBM on Wednesday, September 13th at 5PM in room ERF 1047!

We will be discussing competitions and our quadrocopter team in depth, If you are interested in participating you must attend this meeting.

The Career center is having a resume workshop for those who are interested in room ERF1023. It would be a good idea to stop by there beforehand to be prepared for the up coming Career fair on September 19th (10AM to 2PM).

GBM #3 Flyer