GBM and Elections

Hello everyone:

The semester is coming to an end, and ASME UIC is having its final GBM tomorrow; Monday, April 17 at 5 PM in ERF 1043 as usual. The agenda for this meeting is to handout certificates to all active members and elect new officers for next year’s executive ASME UIC board.

Food/refreshments will be provided!


GBM with Dwyer


We will be having our next meeting Monday, April 10th, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 6:00PM in room ERF 1043. This will be our second to last meeting this year, with the last meeting being officer elections and certificates.

We will be having a guest speaker from Dwyer come in and speak about engineering experience and working as an engineer.  They will talk about the internships and co-ops they have, so try to attend!

We will be speaking about upcoming elections for future board positions for 2017-2018. There will be a sheet provided with positions and their typical tasks and what it entails. Being an officer is a something that sticks out on every resume, so consider running for a position!

T-shirts are on sale for $12 at the GBM, or $15 if you buy any other time! check it out in the previous posts. See you all soon!

Thank you,
Neel Patel
President of ASME

Welcome Back GBM

Good morning!! I hope everyone had an awesome spring break. Join us this evening, 5pm @ ERF 1043, as a little welcome back. We will be having a representative from HydraForce come speak to us. Come and find out what they are all about, what engineers do within the company and possible internships. Hope to see you all!!

Important Announcements!

1)     ASME – UIC second GBM of the semester is on Monday, February 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM in ERF 1043. The agenda includes: Board officers elections, Guest Speaker: Design Engine, and TED Talks.

2)    We have a  Valentine’s day special for t-shirts: This year’s t-shirts are on sale for $12 each for this week only. After this week the price will go back up to $15 per shirt!

Also, the other special is to purchase two (2) t-shirts for $15.00. This only applies to one (1) t-shirt from this year and one (1) from previous year!

The t-shirts are available for purchase during the GBM. The t-shirts can also be purchased by contacting one of the board members or stop by the ASME room (RRB 114).

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us tomorrow evening!!

Exciting News: ASME T-shirts are here

The official t-shirts for ASME – UIC is here. The t-shirt is designed by ASME –  UIC president: Neel Patel. The shirts are available for purchase starting today during the GBM. The shirts can also be purchased by contacting one of the board members or stop by the ASME room (RRB 114).


ASME t-shirt design for 2016-2017

ASME t-shirt design for 2016-2017: Front




ASME t-shirt design for 2016-2017: Back


ASME – UIC is having its first GBM of the semester TODAY at 5:00 PM in ERF 1043. We have invited Design Engine to come and speak about how students can benefit from their programs and internships!

Also, we will be handing out certificates to honorary active members from the fall semester.

Everyone is welcome to join us this evening!!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back students, hope everyone had an amazing winter break and are off to a great spring semester. ASME is still finalizing the guest speakers and General Body Meeting (GBM) times that will work with everyone’s schedule. Soon, we will ask everyone to complete a short survey consisting of times and availability for GBM’s for spring semester. Please, continue to check back for updates and in the mean time, like ASME – UIC on facebook and follow UIC_ASME on Instagram!!



As this semester is coming to an end; The ASME – UIC is having its final GBM for this semester on Wednesday the November 30th at 5:00 PM in ERF 1043. The agenda is set to honor the active student members and their effort to better the ASME community! The president will distribute the certificates to honorary students! Everyone is welcome to join us.

GBM 7 Flyer

FREE T-shirt

Everyone: This time around, ASME – UIC is trying to do something different. We want everyone to get their t-shirt for almost free, if not completely free without compromising the quality and design.

To Achieve this, we want everyone to please clink on this link (or copy and paste) and complete as many tasks as possible.

ASME – UIC 5th General Body Meeting (GBM)

The ASME – UIC chapter is having their 5th GBM this upcoming Wednesday, November 2nd at 5 PM in room ERF 1043.  We have cordially invited Baxter to join us and share some insight about Mechanical Engineering. Everyone is invited to join us on this event!

As always, snacks and refreshments will be provided!GBM 5 Flyer